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Advancing Designs for Creative Drummers.

Sticks and Creations

We have changed our game plan and now we are changing the game for drummers.  It became increasingly obvious we were no longer ordinary drum stick producers.  Inspirations have led us to create and advance the designs of bundled rods, brushes, designing new scrappers, scratchers and a host of other implements for creative drummers; now many more exceptionally talented drummers and percussionists are taking notice.


We came to realize our ‘Stick with the Groove’ slogan no longer defined our efforts or our ultimate goals.  We love our ‘Stick with the Groove’ phrase and all that it entails for drummers; it will remain as an identifier for our truly unique drum sticks.

We are certain that the launch of our new slogan, ‘Advancing Designs for Creative Drummers’ will resonate and aptly identify our greater effort.


Creations enhance more percussive drum implements, extreme special effects, unique and separate activating sound options for drummers and percussionists alike.  Improving response and enhancing performance on familiar industry ‘go to’ models.  Our patented and patent pending designs of unique Creations offer a pallet of new sounds and inspirations appealing to all drummers regardless of their stick brand loyalty or commitments.   Most importantly, Creations help expand their voice and musical presentations. Remain stick brand loyal and explore new creative ideas under the Headhunters Creations brand.

Our ultimate goal with Headhunters Sticks and Creations is to provide drummers and percussionists with unique striking implements that will inspire them to create beyond their expectations.   Musical sounds are determined by its instrumentation and also in the case of percussion, implements used to create the sound, execute the dynamics and the texture.  By creating unique dynamic striking implements, inspired creativity can shape entirely new musical compositions, genres and thus directions in music.  Headhunters Sticks and Creations are Advancing Designs for Creative Drummers so the world can experience new musical voices for our future and legacy.

Headhunters – Sticks and Creations

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