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Headhunters patent för Dreamcatchers

Headhunters Hybrid Brush Patent


Innovative design from drumstick maker’s Creations range is Fiercely Creative

In a rare instance for any category of the music instrument industry, Headhunters, whose Fiercely Creative strapline highlights its relentless pursuit of drumstick and percussion striker design innovation, has been awarded a patent by the United States Patent Office for its multifunctional Dreamcatcher brush design.

According to chief Headhunter and designer Dave Rundle, “The adjustable oval-shaped nylon hoop, the Resistance Ring™, that extends from the Dreamcatcher handle on one side of the brush wires can be retracted or extended to increase or decrease the flex of those wires by varying the amount pressure on them. When retracted, the wires flex as normal for a full traditional brush effect; when extended, the pressure on the wires increases, making them firmer, so the sounds they produce are much more defined. A fat backbeat and faster rebound can be achieved while still having the full spread of the wires. Flip the brush so the hoop is on the playing side and the sounds become more definite and percussive because it combines with the brush to be the striker.”

There are three Dreamcatcher models, each with different Resistance Rings™. In descending order of ability to boost rebound and response,” concludes Rundle, “it’s the Wired, with a braided stainless-steel wire hoop coated with heavy-duty red nylon; the REM, which adds a second, smaller adjustable nylon hoop for increased resistance control; and then the original Dreamcatchers. Normal brush playing techniques can be applied to all three.”

Headhunters groove-grip and rubber X-grip drumsticks provide drummers with anti-slip options in maple or hickory, while the Canadian firm’s Creations range of highly unique brushes, rods and assorted other percussion striking implements defies the status quo with wickedly wild, weird and wonderful designs that make perfect sense to greats including Charlie Watts, Jim Keltner, and Shawn Pelton.

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